Przebyta droga


1. Kornelia
2. Milena
3. Some people just want to play the game
4. Maybe I'll get drunk again
5. These are a few of my favourite things!
6. One way or another I'm gonna win ya!
7. I'll wear it like a new tattoo and I'll be so happy that I'm stuck with you
8. Clothes, shoes, diamond rings...
9. Talk dirty to me
10. I don't even like you, why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?
11. What if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?
12. Cover your eyes, the devil's inside
13. I can't forget my English love affair
14. I should've let my phone at home 'cuz this is a disaster
15. I see the dream is now becoming true
16. Now you're looking for me or anyone like me
17. Easy baby, maybe I'm a liar!
18. I'll hum the song the soldiers sing as they march outside our window
19. How did you do it? You got me losing all my breath
Zapis 1. 
20. I dreamt about you nearly every night this week. How many secrets can you keep? 
Zapis 2. 
21. I don't want to fall in love if you don't want to try 
22. And so it begins...
23. All my walls stood tall painted blue and I'll take them down and open up the door for you... 
Zapis 3.
24. You give me fever
25. I wear this crown of thorns upon my liar's chair
26. Maybe you're hoping for a fairy-tale too? 
Galvin At Windows
27. We are broken


28. I just can't stop thinking of you...
29. When you fell, you fell towards me
30. Come inside, don't be afraid. I'll keep you safe
31. A lover on the left, a sinner on the right... 
32. I searched every room for a way to escape
33. I've watched you change
34. You can hear it in the silence
35. Cracks in the mirror
36. There were cold winds bringing storms together
37. Give me touch 'cause I've been missing it
38. Hope is dreamt and lost
Zapis 4
39. It was like a curse
40. You will pay for what you've done
41. Saviors and saints. Devils and heathens. 
42. Even your emotions have an echo
43. It's gonna be an awful day
44. You can just enjoy the ride
45. When you get angry you have me at your mercy
46. Let's have a little more of that swingin' today
47. Shall we eat all the poison and leave all the questions behind?
48. I'll make it feel like the first time 
49. Somebody tell me, what now?
50. Found something real that's out of touch
51. Leave him for me
52. I want all that is not mine
Zapis 5
53. I'm gonna tell you something you don't want to...
54. Loving can mend your soul
55. I'll never let you go
56. Your life was my life's best part


57. I hope I'm still alive
58. I'll give you one last chance to hold me
59. I can't sleep tonight
60. Jingle bells, jingle bells
61. And let me kiss you
62. You fall through the trees
63. Spare me your judgements
64. The heart wants what it wants
65. Who will save you now?
66. Odrobina szaleństwa
67. We can't eat, we can't sleep until we make them scream defeat
68. This hole in my heart is proof of life 
69. The End?
70. The honest person wants to hear beautiful lies
71. Something I didn't know I wanted
72. Bless
73. I'm not sure what I should feel
74. We could run away before the light of day
75. Tick-Tock
76. Till we're seventy

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